Bachelor of Applied 

Tuition: $11,800
(Total program cost)

Licenciatura en ministerio Práctico

(Spanish Bachelor Program)

Tuition: $4,800

(Total program cost)

Master of Apostolic Leadership and Applied Ministry

Tuition: $14,800
(Total program cost)

Maestría en Liderazgo Apostólico y Ministerio Práctico

(Spanish Master Program)

Tuition: $6,800

(Total program cost)

Doctor of Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology

Tuition: $18,800
(Total program cost)

Mestrado de Liderança Apostólica e Ministério Prático

(Portuguese Master Program)

Tuition: $4,800

(Total program cost)

使徒式领导学和应用神学 硕士

(Chinese Master Program, Mainland China only)

Tuition: $4,800

  • WU does not provide assistance in student loan programs.
  • WU offers a tuition payment plan for students in U.S.

What We Do

WU’s core value for training could be simply illustrated as: 2+5=7.

From 2017, WU launched a new hybrid training model (On-line or On-site) with 4 pillars emphasis

From Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate, to a selective Electives program.

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Electives can be taken individually or
added to a degree.

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