Training Model

WU's Training Model: 4 Pillars

WU launched a new hybrid training model (On-line or On-site) with 4 pillars emphasis:


Pillar 1: Core Courses

Students will have rigorous guided on-line study in a cohort format. With advanced on-line learning system, a well-designed course structure, and a cohort mentor, WU students will gain valuable knowledge, discuss best practices and receive a paradigm shift for their ministry and leadership development.


Pillar 2: Elective Courses

Students will choose preferred elective courses from 30 WU On-line electives or students could choose to participate at one of WU’s 25+ certified regional and international training centers worldwide.


Pillar 3: Residential Trainings

Students will participate in residential trainings. With three, one week long face-to-face sessions, students will meet internationally well-known leaders, receive impartation for personal breakthrough, and maximize their learning experience.


Pillar 4: Final Project

Students will conduct a ministry project and write a thesis paper. Or participate on a WU certified overseas mission trip, as the final project for their graduation

What We Do

WU’s core value for training could be simply illustrated as: 2+5=7.

From 2017, WU launched a new hybrid training model (On-line or On-site) with 4 pillars emphasis

From Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate, to a selective Electives program.

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Electives can be taken individually or
added to a degree.

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