Women In Leadership – Doris Wagner

“I am one of the fortunate women who have been encouraged to take leadership.  I always delighted in helping Peter, who was in the limelight, by working behind the scenes, since I was a shy individual.   We always worked together in every major project of his life.  I typed his theses, dissertations and many of his 73 books.  He also asked me to review and comment on each chapter of every book  I didn’t type.  He welcomed input.  From our days as missionaries, I  ran his office and was frequently by his side in the classroom and conferences at home and abroad.

When some of my deliverance gifts manifested, he encouraged me to teach and take leadership in that much needed and neglected form of ministry.  I have always had his covering, blessing and encouragement.  So I have been highly blessed to have been in this unusual position. It has been a privilege to be the mother of his three daughters, who were born when we were in our 20s and early 30s.  By the time they married and left home, we still had many useful years of ministry together.  He was a wonderful Dad, which made it easy to be their mother.  My yoke was easy and my burden was light.’  All four of us women have plans to be together in Michigan celebrating this Mother’s Day.  What a blessing!  Oh, how we miss being with that wondeerful husband and Dad, who was such an encourager!”


– Doris M. Wagner

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